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EPA-Approved To Stop the Spread of Coronavirus


Hawaii Disinfect Service

Sanitizing Your Environment Is Important For Protecting Against COVID-19
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    At Hawaii Disinfect Service, you can get the immediate support you need from experts you can count on for all sanitation services.

    Our expert technicians are trained to complete small & large-scale disinfection of facilities and properties.

    We follow all guidelines set in place by the EPA, FDA, etc. You can rest assured that your technician is trained to handle every method of disinfection available.

    Our technicians also use appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) with your security and privacy in mind.

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Call (808) 638-4838 now and we can give you a free estimate for services anywhere around Honolulu, HI! We know your situation is unique among all others. Every service we offer offers individualized attention and services tailored to cover your specific situation and allow for a bacteria-free environment. Let our team help you with consultation, supplies, and service in this time pandemic and provide you a secure environment to relax in.

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